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Privacy Policy:

• Every time when we use this website, you will bound to your privacy policy applicable to that moment and you and conclude result and review text that you are in this particular agreement.
• The personal data that you provide us will be yours and shall be subject to data handling by the Depilex beauty website with the following motives or you may say objectives
• To make, fulfill & execute the sales contract for the product that you have an order or any other contract between both parties.
• With regard to your request
• To provide or give you the full information about the Depilex Beauty website products, including the sending of marketing mail-out, by call or by the mean of electronic communication such as SMS text message. You can also be able to send the marketing mail-outs in the account section.
• The Depilex beauty website will ensure you as a data holder that your personal information that you have given should not leak by any mean, cancellation, and objection right will directly send to our corporate address.
• In order to apply with the above-mentioned objectives, we must provide the information that you have given to us that you agree and authorize us to perform a particular action by registering and providing us with your personal information on this website.


Cookies are being on the website. These are very small text files with similar information when you wandered here and there in any site or this particular site. Basically, cookies are the short pieces of the data that are sent, or you may say implanted in your computer when you visit any website. On later visits, the data are immediately returned to the website and particularly the same page you were browsing. Cookies help us and allow us to recognize you or you may say remind you automatically. So whenever you visit our website because of cookies we are able to provide you with better service and we can channelize your experience and show you such things which help you, and are interested. Our website uses cookies for another purpose like fraud prevention or hacking, etc. As a result, we strongly recommend you to allow your web browser to accept cookies from our website
By accepting the terms and conditions of this privacy policy, you are giving us permission to the use of the cookies that are used in this website which are described in the above paragraph.